Q: What is your purpose and goals as a company? 

A: We want to provide beneficial, honest products to consumers. Accurate marketing and true results are most important when making a purchase decision. We aim at making that decision easy by using our pharmacy background to sell great products. To read more go to our About Us page. 

Q: How do you decide on which products to carry? 

A: Collectively, we have over 20 years of pharmacy experience. We have helped many patients find products that work for them. We have an objective approach to product selection that includes analysis of all ingredients as well as packaging and marketing claims.

Q: What is Lipster™? 

A: We feel that Lipster lip balm is the best lip care solution for virtually anyone. Whether you're vegan, you want to avoid petrolatum and petroleum by-products, have severely chapped lips, or just need a great lip moisturizer, Lipster will do the job. For more in depth information please visit the Lipster website.

Q: Are all of your products made in the USA?

A: All of our Lipster products are made in the USA. The other products we carry or may carry in the future may or may not be made in the USA. We will try to include that information on each product page if possible.

Q: Will high or low temperatures affect Lipster lip balm? 

A: We have tested our products in a wide range of temperatures from very hot to freezing. Obviously, at some point the lip balm will melt since this is how it is made and put into the tubes. We suggest to avoid leaving it on your car's dashboard or in a hot car altogether. If you do just prop it upright and let it cool down to room temperature and it should be fine. If the lip balm gets frozen during shipping, we suggest to let it warm to room temperature for best application. 

Q: Is hydrocortisone safe for continued use?

A: This is a good question. There are some concerns of the skin thinning from topical corticosteroids use. Because hydrocortisone is a weak steroid that risk is minimal when compared to more potent corticosteroids. However, because of this concern we do advise users to use Lipster Medicated for initial repair and once the lips are under control switch to our Lipster Original for maintenance. Per our package instructions, you should use it for 7 days at a time, although we know people who use it longer. In general, topical steroids are to be used no more than 14 consecutive days at a time and then take a 3 week break before using again. We want users to understand that using hydrocortisone all the time is not ideal, and that is why we are educating you on proper use of our lip balms. We feel that with proper use of our two Lipster products you can achieve great results while being safe and minimizing any potential adverse effects.

Q: I live outside of the United States, can I buy and have you ship Lipster lip balms to me?

A: We have had this question asked several times. The answer at this time is yes and no. We can ship Lipster Original internationally, but we cannot ship Lipster Medicated internationally. Lipster Medicated is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication in the United States by law. There are certain laws and requirements that must be met when shipping OTC medications outside of the United States. Before we began as a company, we decided that one of our top priorities is to be honest in our business practices and marketing. This will not only protect us, but build a trusting relationship with customers. Our current focus as a company is to expand nationally and then build up to moving internationally. Please visit our sites to stay in touch about this topic.

Q: Will Lipster Medicated work well for people on acne medications who are experiencing dry lips?

A: Yes! Users of isotretinoin acne products like Accutane®, Claravis®, or Myorisan® are a main target audience of the Medicated formula. Please visit here to learn more.

New and Most Popular Products

Lipster lip balm is a vegan, natural lip care solution that virtually anyone can use. It contains no beeswax, no petrolatum or petroleum by-products, and no parabens. We are currently offering two lip balms that each have their own use. Both are unflavored with no dyes. The natural scent of the cocoa seed butter provides a pleasant smell.


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